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ProjectCityStateAccessBoxLocTract FileMapsCardsMiscComments
Administrative  52A0093047D/067/01/21    SBP-5 Forms
Administrative  52A0093019D/067/01/21 X   Veteran's Tracts
Administrative  52A0093020D/067/01/21 X   Veteran's Tracts
Administrative  52A0118054D/076/21/55   X XWAA Regulations
Darr-Aero Flying School  52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Administrative  52A0093046D/067/01/21    SBP-5 Forms
Administrative  52A0118055D/076/21/55   X X 
Administrative  52A0093048D/067/01/21    SBP-5 Forms
Administrative  52A0093049D/067/01/21    Project Manager's Files
Administrative  52A0093050D/067/01/21    Project Manager's Files
Administrative  52A0093058D/067/01/21    XGeneral Manuals
Administrative  52A0093052D/067/01/21    Project Manager's Files
Administrative  52A0093061D/067/01/21    XTitle Papers on Various Installations
Administrative  52A0093056D/067/01/21    Project Manager's Files
Administrative  52A0093057D/067/01/21  X  Various Installations maps
Administrative  52A0093060D/067/01/21    XTitle Papers on Various Installations
Administrative  52A0093059D/067/01/21    XGeneral Manuals
Camp SibertGadsdenAL52A0093014D/067/01/21   X X 
Camp SibertGadsdenAL52A0093015D/067/01/21   X X 
Camp SibertGadsdenAL52A0093016D/067/01/21   X X 
Camp SibertGadsdenAL52A0093017D/067/01/21   X X 
Camp SibertGadsdenAL52A0093018D/067/01/21   X X 
Deatsville Auxiliary Field #7 AL52A0093022D/067/01/21 X   Aux. to Gunter Field, AL
Camp SibertGadsdenAL52A0093021D/067/01/21   X X 
Tuskegee Army AirfieldTuskegeeAL52A0093022D/067/01/21 X    
Rivenbach Auxiliary Field #5DothanAL52A0093022D/067/01/21 X   Aux. to Napier AAF, AL
Elmore Auxiliary Field #2 AL52A0093022D/067/01/21 X   Aux. to Gunter Field, AL
War Housing ProjectDalevilleAL52A0093023D/067/01/21 X    
Cahaba Subsistence Housing ProjectTrussvilleAL52A0093023D/067/01/21 X    
Coosa River Ordnance PlantTalladegaAL52A0093021D/067/01/21   X X 
Camp SibertGadsdenAL52A0093013D/067/01/21   X X 
Albama Ordnance WorksChildersburgAL52A0093001D/067/01/21 X    
Aliceville POW CampAlicevilleAL52A0093001D/067/01/21 X    
Coosa River Ordnance PlantTalladegaAL52A0093002D/067/01/21 X    
Gadsden Ordnance PlantGadsdenAL52A0093002D/067/01/21 X    
Luverne National Guard Target RangeLuverneAL52A0093003D/067/01/21 X    
Trinity Strips Auxiliary Field AL52A0093003D/067/01/21 X   Aux. to Courtland AAF, AL
Camp SibertGadsdenAL52A0093006D/067/01/21 X    
Camp SibertGadsdenAL52A0093004D/067/01/21 X    
Camp SibertGadsdenAL52A0093012D/067/01/21 X    
Camp SibertGadsdenAL52A0093005D/067/01/21 X    
Opelika POW CampOpelikaAL52A0093023D/067/01/21 X    
Camp SibertGadsdenAL52A0093007D/067/01/21 X    
Camp SibertGadsdenAL52A0093008D/067/01/21 X    
Camp SibertGadsdenAL52A0093009D/067/01/21 X    
Camp SibertGadsdenAL52A0093010D/067/01/21 X    
Wicksburg Auxiliary Field #1 AL52A0093003D/067/01/21 X   Aux. to Napier AAF, AL
Camp SibertGadsdenAL52A0093011D/067/01/21 X    
Miami Bomb Storage AreaMiamiFL52A0118050D/076/21/55 X    
Malone Auxiliary Field FL52A0118043D/076/21/55 X    
Radio Localizer Site FL52A0118043D/076/21/55 X    
Drew Field FL52A0118043D/076/21/55 X    
Lakeland Army Airfield FL52A0118043D/076/21/55 X    
Brooksville Army Airfield FL52A0118042D/076/21/55 X    
Camp Gordon Johnson FL52A0118042D/076/21/55 X    
Herlong Outlying Field FL52A0118042D/076/21/55 X    
Lodwick Aviation School FL52A0118041D/076/21/55 X    
Melbourne Naval Air Station FL52A0118044D/076/21/55 X    
Indian River Air Warning Station FL52A0118041D/076/21/55 X    
Daytona Beach Air Warning StationDaytonaFL52A0118041D/076/21/55 X    
Campville Bombing & Gunnery Range FL52A0118041D/076/21/55 X    
Keystone Army Airfield FL52A0118041D/076/21/55 X    
Alachua Army AirfieldGainesvilleFL52A0118040D/076/21/55 X    
Marianna Army Airfield FL52A0118040D/076/21/55 X    
Sarasota Army AirfieldSarasotaFL52A0118040D/076/21/55 X    
Montbrook Army Airfield FL52A0118040D/076/21/55 X    
Jacksonville Army Airfield FL52A0118050D/076/21/55 X    
Trout Creek Outlying Field FL52A0118045D/076/21/55 X    
Zephyrhills Army Airfield FL52A0118050D/076/21/55 X    
Mile Branch Outlying Field FL52A0118049D/076/21/55 X    
Maxville Branch Outlying Field FL52A0118049D/076/21/55 X    
Lake Butler Radio Localizer Site FL52A0118049D/076/21/55 X    
Middleburg Outlying Field FL52A0118049D/076/21/55 X    
Hollywood Naval Air Gunnery SchoolHollywoodFL52A0118049D/076/21/55 X    
Hollywood Naval Air Gunnery SchoolHollywoodFL52A0118048D/076/21/55   X X 
Hollywood Naval Air Gunnery SchoolHollywoodFL52A0118047D/076/21/55 X    
Deland Naval Air Station FL52A0118043D/076/21/55 X    
Jacksonville Heights Field FL52A0118045D/076/21/55 X    
Alliance Auxiliary Field #4 FL52A0118043D/076/21/55 X    
Belmore Outlying FieldJacksonvilleFL52A0118045D/076/21/55 X    
Carlisle Outlying Field FL52A0118044D/076/21/55 X    
Buckingham Army AirfieldFt. MyersFL52A0118044D/076/21/55 X    
Bascom Auxiliary Field #3 FL52A0118044D/076/21/55 X    
Mile Branch Outlying Field FL52A0118044D/076/21/55 X    
North Pompano Satellite FieldPompanoFL52A0118044D/076/21/55 X    
Daytona Beach Naval Air StationDaytonaFL52A0118044D/076/21/55 X    
Camp MurphyHobe SoundFL52A0118039D/076/21/55 X    
Hollywood Naval Air Gunnery SchoolHollywoodFL52A0118046D/076/21/55 X    
Daytona Air Warning SiteDaytonaFL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Homestead Army AirfieldHomesteadFL52A0118040D/076/21/55 X    
Dunnellon Army Airfield FL52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Tomoka Army AirfieldVolusia CountyFL52A0118041D/076/21/55 X    
Ellis Auxiliary Field #1 FL52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Dale Mabry Army AirfieldLeon CoutyFL52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Montbrook Army Airfield FL52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Marianna Army Airfield FL52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Alachua Army AirfieldGainesvilleFL52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Avon Park Auxiliary FieldAvon ParkFL52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Campville Bombing & Gunnery Range FL52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Boca Raton Army AirfieldBoca RatonFL52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Indian River Air Warning Station FL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Gotha Ordnance Depot FL52A0118031D/076/21/55 X    
Indian Rock AWS FL52A0118031D/076/21/55 X    
Camp MurphyHobe SoundFL52A0118032D/076/21/55 X    
Minorville Quartermaster Depot FL52A0118032D/076/21/55 X    
Minorville Quartermaster Depot FL52A0118033D/076/21/55 X    
Boca Raton Army AirfieldBoca RatonFL52A0118033D/076/21/55 X    
Avon Park Flying Fields 2 & 3Avon ParkFL52A0118033D/076/21/55 X    
Keystone Army Airfield FL52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Venice Army Airfield FL52A0118052D/076/21/55 X    
Dunnellon Army Airfield FL52A0118033D/076/21/55 X    
Camp MurphyHobe SoundFL52A0118038D/076/21/55 X    
Camp MurphyHobe SoundFL52A0118037D/076/21/55 X    
Camp MurphyHobe SoundFL52A0118036D/076/21/55 X   XSee Box List
Camp MurphyHobe SoundFL52A0118035D/076/21/55 X   XSee Box List
Camp MurphyHobe SoundFL52A0118034D/076/21/55 X   XSee Box List
Ellis Auxiliary Field #1 FL52A0118033D/076/21/55 X    
Francis Outlying Field FL52A0118050D/076/21/55 X    
Miami Army AirfieldMiamiFL52A0118050D/076/21/55 X    
Cross City Army Airfield FL52A0118051D/076/21/55 X    
Dale Mabry Army AirfieldLeon CoutyFL52A0118040D/076/21/55 X    
Mile Branch Outlying Field FL52A0118052D/076/21/55 X    
Callahan FieldNassau CountyFL52A0118052D/076/21/55 X    
Chapman Field FL52A0118052D/076/21/55 X    
Boca Raton Army AirfieldBoca RatonFL52A0118053D/076/21/55 X    
Gotha Ordnance Depot FL52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Indian Rock AWS FL52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Camp MurphyHobe SoundFL52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Minorville Quartermaster Depot FL52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Sterling Bomb & Target RangeBroward CountyFL52A0118051D/076/21/55 X    
Jacksonville Army Airfield FL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Belmore Outlying FieldJacksonvilleFL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Trout Creek Outlying Field FL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Jacksonville Heights Field FL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Naval Air Gunnery School FL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Middleburg Outlying Field FL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Lake Butler Radio Localizer Site FL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Maxville Outlying Field FL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Mile Branch Outlying Field FL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Carlisle Outlying Field FL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Miami Bomb Storage AreaMiamiFL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Miami Army AirfieldMiamiFL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Sterling Bomb & Target FieldBroward CountyFL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Cross City Army Airfield FL52A0118058D/076/21/55   X  
Venice Army Airfield FL52A0118058D/076/21/55   X  
Mile Branch Outlying Field FL52A0118058D/076/21/55   X  
Callahan FieldNassau CountyFL52A0118058D/076/21/55   X  
Chapman Field FL52A0118058D/076/21/55   X  
Boca Raton Army AirfieldBoca RatonFL52A0118058D/076/21/55   X  
Bartow Army Airfield FL52A0118041D/076/21/55 X    
Zephyrhills Army AirfieldPasco CountyFL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Lodwick Aviaiton School FL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Bartow Army Airfield FL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Bascom Auxiliary Field FL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Tomoka AirfieldVolusia CountyFL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Herlong Outlying Field FL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Camp Gordon Johnson FL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Brookville Army Airfield FL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Drew Field FL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Radio Localizer Site FL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Malone Auxiliary Field #2 FL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Daytona Beach Naval Air StationDaytonaFL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Alliance Auxiliary Field #2 FL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Mile Branch Outlying Field FL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
North Pompano Satellite FieldPompanoFL52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Darr-Aero Technical Flying School GA52A0118001D/076/21/55 X    
Fort BenningColumbusGA52A0118001D/076/21/55 X    
Harris Neck Army AirfieldTownsendGA52A0118001D/076/21/55 X    
West Smithville Auxiliary Field #2 GA52A0118002D/076/21/55 X    
Faceville Auxiliary Field GA52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Camp Toccoa GA52A0118001D/076/21/55 X    
Graham Aviation Company GA52A0118001D/076/21/55 X    
West Smithville Aux. Field #2 GA52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Camp Toccoa GA52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Vada Auxiliary Field #4 GA52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Graham Aviation Company GA52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Bainbridge Army AirfieldDecatur CountyGA52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Reynoldsville Field #2 GA52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
North Smithville Field #6 GA52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Vada Auxiliary Field #4 GA52A0118001D/076/21/55 X    
Harris Neck Army AirfieldTownsendGA52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Leesburg Auxiliary Field #1 GA52A0118003D/076/21/55 X    
Bainbridge Army AirfieldDecatur CountyGA52A0118002D/076/21/55 X    
Rocky Ford Auxiliary Field GA52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Babcock Auxiliary Field GA52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Herbert Smart Army AirfieldMaconGA52A0118001D/076/21/55 X    
Leesburg Auxiliary Field GA52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Savannah National Guard Rifle RangeSavannahGA52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Fort Oglethorpe GA52A0118003D/076/21/55 X    
Reynoldsville Field #2 GA52A0118002D/076/21/55 X    
Babcock Auxiliary Field #5 GA52A0118003D/076/21/55 X    
Rocky Ford Auxiliary Field GA52A0118003D/076/21/55 X    
Savannah National Guard Rifle RangeSavannahGA52A0118003D/076/21/55 X    
North Smithville Field #6 GA52A0118002D/076/21/55 X    
Faceville Auxiliary Field GA52A0118002D/076/21/55 X    
Berry FieldNashvilleKY52A0103001D/067/05/23     
Elm Hill Road Radio Station KY52A0103001D/067/05/23 X  X  
Lime Prairie Auxiliary FieldJacksonMS52A0093032D/067/01/21 X   Aux. to Jackson AAF, MS
Camp Van DornCentrevilleMS52A0093036D/067/01/21 X    
Camp Van DornCentrevilleMS52A0093035D/067/01/21 X    
Avalon Auxiliary Field MS52A0093031D/067/01/21 X   Aux. to Greenville AAF, MS
Camp Van DornCentrevilleMS52A0093033D/067/01/21 X    
Camp McCainGrenadaMS52A0093026D/067/01/21 X    
Mississippi Ordnance PlantFloraMS52A0093031D/067/01/21 X    
Camp Van DornCentrevilleMS52A0093034D/067/01/21 X    
Camp McCainGrenadaMS52A0093045D/067/01/21   X  
Camp McCainGrenadaMS52A0093025D/067/01/21 X    
Camp McCainGrenadaMS52A0093024D/067/01/21 X    
Como Internment CampComoMS52A0093024D/067/01/21 X    
Camp ShelbyHattiesburgMS52A0093042D/067/01/21 X    
Camp ShelbyHattiesburgMS52A0093043D/067/01/21 X    
Camp McCainGrenadaMS52A0093028D/067/01/21 X    
Camp ShelbyHattiesburgMS52A0093045D/067/01/21   X  
Gulf Ordnance PlantAberdeenMS52A0093029D/067/01/21 X    
Camp Van DornCentrevilleMS52A0093045D/067/01/21   X  
Laurel AAF MS52A0093045D/067/01/21   X  
Camp Van DornCentrevilleMS52A0093051D/067/01/21    Project Manager's Files
Camp McCainGrenadaMS52A0093053D/067/01/21    Project Manager's Files
Camp McCainGrenadaMS52A0093054D/067/01/21    Project Manager's Files
Camp McCainGrenadaMS52A0093055D/067/01/21    Project Manager's Files
Camp ShelbyHattiesburgMS52A0093044D/067/01/21 X    
Grenada Army AirfieldGrenadaMS52A0093040D/067/01/21 X    
Camp Van DornCentrevilleMS52A0093037D/067/01/21 X    
Mississippi Ordnance PlantFloraMS52A0093030D/067/01/21 X    
Key FieldMeridianMS52A0093042D/067/01/21 X    
Tchula Auxiliary Field #5 MS52A0093041D/067/01/21 X   Aux. to Greenwood AAF, MS
Greenwood Army AirfieldGreenwoodMS52A0093041D/067/01/21 X    
Laurel Army Airfield MS52A0093040D/067/01/21 X    
Camp McCainGrenadaMS52A0093027D/067/01/21 X    
Camp Van DornCentrevilleMS52A0093038D/067/01/21 X    
Cruger Auxiliary Field #4 MS52A0093040D/067/01/21 X   Aux. to Greenwood AAF, MS
Camp Van DornCentrevilleMS52A0093039D/067/01/21 X    
Oxberry Auxiliary Field #2 MS52A0093039D/067/01/21 X   Aux. to Greenwood AAF, MS
Morris FieldCharlotteNC52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Carteret County - Magazine Area NC52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Fairchild Engine & Airplane Corp. NC52A0118007D/076/21/55 X    
Ocracoke Island NATB NC52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Fairchiild Engine & Airplane Corporation NC52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Camp Butner NC52A0118009D/076/21/55 X    
Camp Butner NC52A0118058D/076/21/55   X  
Colonial Mica Corporation NC52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Laurinburg-Maxton Army AirfieldMaxtonNC52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Camp Butner NC52A0118010D/076/21/55 X    
Colonial Mica Corporation NC52A0118008D/076/21/55 X   13 Mines
Laurinburg-Maxton Army AirfieldMaxtonNC52A0118008D/076/21/55 X    
Morris FieldCharlotteNC52A0118008D/076/21/55 X    
Carteret County - Magazine Area NC52A0118007D/076/21/55 X    
Ocracoke Island NATB NC52A0118007D/076/21/55 X    
Camp Butner NC52A0118011D/076/21/55 X    
Camp Butner NC52A0118012D/076/21/55 X    
Sand Hills Gunnery RangeChesterfield CountySC52A0118022D/076/21/55 X    
Georgetown Bombing & Gunnery Range SC52A0118023D/076/21/55 X    
Camp SuttonMonroeSC52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Conway Bombing & Gunnery Range SC52A0118026D/076/21/55 X    
Conway Bombing & Gunnery Range SC52A0118025D/076/21/55 X    
Georgetown Bombing & Gunnery Range SC52A0118024D/076/21/55 X    
Charleston POECharlestonSC52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Georgetown Bombing & Gunnery Range SC52A0118022D/076/21/55 X    
Jericho Island SC52A0118022D/076/21/55 X    
Conway Bombing & Gunnery Range SC52A0118027D/076/21/55 X    
Isaqueena Bombing & Gunnery Range SC52A0118022D/076/21/55 X    
Dunn National Guard Target Range SC52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Myrtle Beach Bombing & Gunnery RangeMyrtle BeachSC52A0118022D/076/21/55 X    
Camp CroftSpartanburgSC52A0118021D/076/21/55 X X  XDuplicate Tract Files
Camp CroftSpartanburgSC52A0118020D/076/21/55   X  
Charleston Army AirfieldCharlestonSC52A0118022D/076/21/55 X    
Myrtle Beach Bombing & Gunnery RangeMyrtle BeachSC52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Myrtle Beach Bombing & Gunnery RangeMyrtle BeachSC52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Sand Hills Gunnery RangeChesterfield CountySC52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Isaqueena Bombing & Gunnery Range SC52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Charleston Army AirfieldCharlestonSC52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Jericho Island SC52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Francis Outlying Field SC52A0118057D/076/21/55   X  
Conway Bombing & Gunnery Range SC52A0118029D/076/21/55 X   XDuplicate Tract Files
Conway Bombing & Gunnery Range SC52A0118058D/076/21/55   X  
Wolf Pit Resettlement SC52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
North O.T.U. SiteOrangeburg CountySC52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Waverly Mills AWS SiteGeorgetown CountySC52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Florence SC52A0118015D/076/21/55 X    
Conway Bombing & Gunnery Range SC52A0118030D/076/21/55 X   XDuplicate Tract Files
Camp CroftSpartanburgSC52A0118019D/076/21/55   X  
Conway Bombing & Gunnery Range SC52A0118028D/076/21/55 X   XDuplicate Tract Files
Camp LeJeune SC52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Georgetown Bombing & Gunnery Range SC52A0118058D/076/21/55   X  
North OTU SiteOrangeburg CountySC52A0118014D/076/21/55 X    
Union Bombing & Gunnery RangeSedaliaSC52A0118015D/076/21/55 X    
Camp CroftSpartanburgSC52A0118018D/076/21/55 X    
Wolf Pit Resettlement SC52A0118004D/076/21/55 X   Box 5 & 6?
Camp LeJeune SC52A0118004D/076/21/55 X   Box 5 & 6?
Myrtle Beach Bombing and Gunnnery RangeMyrtle BeachSC52A0118014D/076/21/55 X    
Camp CroftSpartanburgSC52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Waverly Mills AWS SiteGeorgetown CountySC52A0118014D/076/21/55 X    
Charleston POECharlestonSC52A0118015D/076/21/55 X    
Camp CroftSpartanburgSC52A0118016D/076/21/55 X    
Coronaca Army Airfield SC52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Columbia Army AirfieldColumbiaSC52A0118015D/076/21/55 X    
Dunn National Guard Target Range SC52A0118004D/076/21/55 X    
Coronaca Army Airfield SC52A0118015D/076/21/55 X    
Camp SuttonMonroeSC52A0118004D/076/21/55 X   Box 5 & 6?
Union Bombing & Gunnery RangeSedaliaSC52A0118056D/076/21/55   X  
Myrtle Beach Bombing and Gunnnery RangeMyrtle BeachSC52A0118013D/076/21/55 X    
Camp CroftSpartanburgSC52A0118017D/076/21/55 X    
Milan Ordnance CenterMilanTN52A0103008D/067/05/23 X X X X 
Naval Air Station TN52A0103008D/067/05/23 X  X X 
Ridgely Practice Bombing RangeLake CityTN52A0103008D/067/05/23 X X X X 
Tennessee Products CorporationChattanoogaTN52A0103009D/067/05/23 X X X X 
Volunteer Ordnance WorksHamilton CountyTN52A0103009D/067/05/23  X   
Dyersburg Army AirfieldDyersburgTN52A0103011D/067/05/23    X 
Memphis General DepotMemphisTN52A0103007D/067/05/23 X  X X 
Chickasaw Ordnance PlantMillingtonTN52A0103003D/067/05/23 X X  X 
Volunteer Ordnance WorksHamilton CountyTN52A0103010D/067/05/23 X  X X 
Holston Ordnance WorksKingsportTN52A0103007D/067/05/23 X X X X 
Cumberland Homes TN52A0103007D/067/05/23 X  X X 
Cumberland Homes TN52A0103006D/067/05/23 X X   
Cumberland Homes TN52A0103005D/067/05/23  X X X 
Crossville POW Camp TN52A0103005D/067/05/23  X X X 
Clinton Engineer Works TN52A0103004D/067/05/23 X X X X 
Chickasaw Ordnance PlantMillingtonTN52A0103004D/067/05/23 X    
Chickasaw Ordnance PlantMillingtonTN52A0103002D/067/05/23  X X X 
Camp TysonParisTN52A0103002D/067/05/23 X X   
Camp TysonParisTN52A0103001D/067/05/23 X  X  
Tennessee Powder Company TN52A0103004D/067/05/23 X   Envelope #7